Waluigi is the "evil" version of Luigi. He is purple, whereas he should be red, which is complimentary to Luigi's green. However, his true counterpart is yellow, which is complimentary to his purple. He has a handlebar mustache--which is incredibly long (So are his legs). He was truly based off of Wario. However, instead of having a "W", like his obese brother, he has an upside-down "L". He was only ever intended to be Wario's friend, as his first appearance, in Super Mario Tennis, put him on Wario's team, as his partner. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he is not a playable character, but a trophy, and attacks with his tennis racket. In Mario Kart DS, he was unlockable, and he was always playable in Mario Kart Wii.

Super Mario 64 DSEdit

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It is rumored that, in Super Mario 64 DS, he is a playable character. To unlock him, a player must gather all 150 stars, play as Wario, get in the outdoor cannon, (still playing as Wario,) blast to the 2-dimensional black box on the castle, break it open with Wario Whack, and defeat the bunny king. In reality, the box only ever appears on the loading screen, but it could be a clue. After all, what would the game be without Waluigi?...

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The REAL way to get him are as follows: *WARNING: THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH IS TOTAL GARBAGE AND SHOULD NOT BE READ* 1) Get all 150 stars 2) Go to Tall Tall Mountain stage as Wario. 3) Get the Luigi hat. 4) Go into the slide on the mountain. 5) You will then warp into Star Fox 64 6) Do 20 barrel rolls when Peppy tells you 7) He will then say "Congratulations! You spent 5 hours serching the web to find a pointless Wiki, bet a life!" 8) LOL 9) XD